Insurance Work

Have you recently had a break-in and/or suffered the following:


  • Lost Keys
  • Broken Handles
  • UPVC Door Lock Failure
  • Stolen Keys
  • Damaged UPVC Door Panels
  • If you are claiming on your insurance for lost or stolen keys, broken locks/handles, UPVC door handles or faulty UPVC doors mechanism, Mentor Lock & Safe Co are here to help you quickly and efficiently.

    Lost Keys?
    If keys have been lost and you are insured for this situation, let Mentor Lock & Safe Co deal with the problem. If the door is locked and no spare keys are available, we can open the door and provide a new lock and keys. Also we only fit British Standard locks when required.

    Broken Handles?
    If the door handles on your UPVC or composite door have been broken you may find it difficult to replace them. Mentor Lock & Safe Co can help you. We know which types of door handles have been fitted in the London area and carry them with us.

    UPVC Door Lock Failure?
    If your UPVC door mechanism has failed, you could be covered under your insurance policy. If so, we will can replace the parts and have your door working again. No worries if you can’t get the door to open, we will fix that for you too.

    Stolen Keys?
    If your house keys are missing, don’t risk leaving it to chance. Let Mentor Lock & Safe Co change your locks immediately and you can have the peace of mind that your home will be safe and secure. We only fit the highest standard locks possible to your door where required.

    Damaged UPVC Door Panels?
    If your UPVC door panel has been damaged in some way, these can be replaced. Mentor Lock & Safe Co can supply new UPVC door panels at great prices and have the door looking as good as new in no time!